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Spring Time Fun with the Kids!

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Spring Time Fun with the Kids-More at MadeByMeggsDOTcom

I get just as excited as the next guy, when the weather finally starts to warm up. Seriously, its in my DNA, I am from Buffalo, New York – once those snow piles turn to mush we all dance in the streets! (Have you seen our St. Patrick’s Day parade celebrations?) Anyway, this week has been warm & along with letting the kids RUN for the first time in months – I started finding some fun spring time crafts for us to do. Continue reading Spring Time Fun with the Kids!


My 30th Birthday

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Today is my birthday. And not just any birthday. It’s my 30th birthday. Which really doesn’t mean all that much to me (HA, can someone tell my creaky knee that?). My entire life, I’ve always been a big kid at heart (see image below!). The goofball who is always willing to get friends & family to laugh. Age is only a number right? Really when it comes down too it, it’s just the number of years you have lived. Of course most people, when looking back, will consider how  they lived those years to the fullest. While I think everyone should make goals and dream big — I also think that many of us focus mostly on what they can do for themselves in those years. But I wonder what would happen if we all dedicated a small part of our lives to help others?  Continue reading My 30th Birthday