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{adding a pumpkin}

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Hi! Well in case you missed my post on Instagram, here it is! We are expecting our third pumpkin in April. The girls are over the MOON about getting a little brother or sister. And we couldn’t be more thrilled ourselves.  Continue reading {adding a pumpkin}


Let’s Get Back to It…

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August 2016

Hello friends! I hope that you have been really enjoying this summer. In Buffalo we have been dealing with a lot of hot days, so we spent a lot of our time in the water! Thanks for hanging around here as I changed my focus for a few months. It was the perfect break I needed to spend the summer better connecting with my kids and my husband. I really want to thank you for understanding, because as much as I missed writing and sharing, it was just the break I needed. I knew in order for me to really appreciate what I do here, I needed to make sure I was doing it the right way. Continue reading Let’s Get Back to It…

{my focus}

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Photo Credit: Proverbs31.org
Photo Credit: Proverbs31.org

Hi there! If you are used to following my blog posts, you have have noticed I’ve been a bit MIA! This is not due to any lack of content, I’m always coming up with new post ideas, but instead a change in focus. Much has changed in my personal life in the last few months, most of it all pointing at putting my role as a wife & mother first. I do not say this as if I am “settling” on these roles, more so that I am taking them seriously. I feel that women in general take on too many tasks, and try to be more than they really need to be… which leads many of us to being stressed & burned out. I don’t want that for myself, for my family, or for my blog! So I am taking a bit of a step back from writing. To spend a few more minutes snuggling, or listening to E sing an original song she is currently ad-libing, or coloring with C before the sun is even up. But in all honesty, I might just be taking a hot shower or washing the sink full of dishes.

Life is busy for all of us, but it is how we prioritize and choose our happiness that counts. I love blogging, I love the people I have connected with… but this season of my life is calling me to change my focus. Just for a while. I am certainly not gone, I have notebooks full of ideas & an Etsy store I’d love to open. But for now, I am finding joy in the two roles that fill me up the most.

Feel free to keep using the recipes and ideas here at MadeByMeggs.com as a reference, my webpage and social media are not going anywhere! And if you want to keep up with me I continue to post daily on my Instagram page.

Stay tuned!


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The Winners are…

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thank you friends and readers of MadeByMeggsDOTcom

My one year blogging anniversary has come and gone, and I could not have done it without the help of 12 wonderful new friends. Because of their generous hearts we were able to make this celebration as fun as it was! So if you haven’t already, go check out these amazing people & see what they are creating…

Continue reading The Winners are…

My One Year Blogiversary GIVEAWAY!!

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MadeByMeggs-One Year Blogiversary Giveaway

BIG NEWS! My little ol’ blog turns ONE today! And I can not believe where this site has gone in a single year. Many thanks to each and everyone of you who have read my posts, comment on social media, and send general love my way. I started this blog out last year as an outlet for myself, just to share more of what I like and do with others. At the time “others” was my mom and a handful of friends. Today “others” is actually all sorts of WONDERFUL people, that the power of the internet has brought my way. I love all of you, and so grateful for what this year has turned into. And so I am celebrating BIG, and YOU are gonna be the winner!  Continue reading My One Year Blogiversary GIVEAWAY!!

Here’s to 2016!

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cheers 2016 - More on MadeByMeggsDOTcome

I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday, spending time with your loved ones. The last two weeks, I took “off” of posting and most of social media, in an effort to be more present with my family. There are so few opportunities to truly connect with your loved ones, and I hope that you make the most of these moments to do so!

Now that the holidays are over, and we are getting back in the swing of our regular routines, I wanted to share a bit of the past year with all of you. You see this coming February will mark my one year anniversary of blogging. And I am so excited to celebrate with all of you, since you are the reason I keep doing this. My little blog has turned into so much over the year, and I am excited to see where this next year will take us. I love seeing what posts from the blog become the most read, and I thought you might like to see a little behind the scenes.  Continue reading Here’s to 2016!

My 30th Birthday

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MadeByMeggs DOTcom -- Happy 30th - Acts of Kindness (1)

Today is my birthday. And not just any birthday. It’s my 30th birthday. Which really doesn’t mean all that much to me (HA, can someone tell my creaky knee that?). My entire life, I’ve always been a big kid at heart (see image below!). The goofball who is always willing to get friends & family to laugh. Age is only a number right? Really when it comes down too it, it’s just the number of years you have lived. Of course most people, when looking back, will consider how  they lived those years to the fullest. While I think everyone should make goals and dream big — I also think that many of us focus mostly on what they can do for themselves in those years. But I wonder what would happen if we all dedicated a small part of our lives to help others?  Continue reading My 30th Birthday

Famous People I’ve Met

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Stitch 2007
While Stitch may not be a mega celebrity, he is pretty famous in my book!

Recently I have joined a new blogging networking group on Facebook. Through out the summer they have writing prompts and then link a few bloggers together in one post (called a Blog Hop). This month I am joining in on the fun, and it’s a topic I didn’t think I had much to write about, until I took a look through my photos. Come check out four FIVE celebrities I’ve met through the years… Continue reading Famous People I’ve Met

Liebster Award: Discover New Blogs


Last week I was honored to find out that I was nominated for the Liebster Award by two of my new blogger friends. I have spotted this award being passed around on the internet & always loved the idea. Really it’s one way bloggers can connect with each other & with each other’s readers. You don’t know how many amazing bloggers are out there until you stumble upon their link somewhere! So when Cheree (pronouced “sure-ee”) from A Dash of Salter and Kathy & Sue (friends turned blogging team) from Mom Wife Woman both messaged me about choosing Made By Meggs for their nominations list I was thrilled!

Continue reading Liebster Award: Discover New Blogs

{June} Summer planning

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Conesus Lake, New York | Made By Meggs | MadeByMeggs.com

Today. The first day of June. And my first thought is… where the heck did May go? May gives you this sense of “summer is on it’s way but the crazy hasn’t hit yet.” June is more like “Readysetgogogogogogo” and then that doesn’t stop until September! Don’t get me wrong, summer is my favorite season. Ironically because there are so many things in our area to do. I just lack a set of mental brakes that tell me “ok, just sit back and enjoy this sunny day.” Continue reading {June} Summer planning