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Spring Time Fun with the Kids!

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Spring Time Fun with the Kids-More at MadeByMeggsDOTcom

I get just as excited as the next guy, when the weather finally starts to warm up. Seriously, its in my DNA, I am from Buffalo, New York – once those snow piles turn to mush we all dance in the streets! (Have you seen our St. Patrick’s Day parade celebrations?) Anyway, this week has been warm & along with letting the kids RUN for the first time in months – I started finding some fun spring time crafts for us to do. Continue reading Spring Time Fun with the Kids!


No Mess, Marble Painting with Toddlers

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No Mess Marble Painting with Toddlers - Read More at MadeByMeggs(dot)com Toddlers and paint. Some parents cringe at the idea! The idea of adding to the never ending list of cleaning you already do, it’s just not fun. I get it! And I am sure you have spotted this idea online or on Pinterest, much like I have. So I had to try it, outside of course… just in case I had to use the hose!   Continue reading No Mess, Marble Painting with Toddlers

Easy-Peasy DIY Pasta Beads

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Hello again! A little personal story and then on to the beading project… I started this blog with the mental goal of never letting it consume me. I want it to be organic & real, and not feel like work. Neither of us would benefit from me feeling as if I had to write just to “push out” posts. So when my life gets nutty, or my family needs me… I don’t feel bad not being able to share. And this past week, my friends, was the first time I had to test that theory. While I missed the routine of posting, my energy was very much needed elsewhere. Continue reading Easy-Peasy DIY Pasta Beads

FREEBIE! Printable Valentines

HMD front

My friend Kristen, over at Hello Monday Design creates some of the most beautiful watercolor art I’ve seen. And lately she has been sharing more and more of it. About two weeks ago she started, breaking to paint at lunch. Which I think is a brilliant! Having a creative outlet has always been the perfect way for me to de-stress, stay focused, and be positive. (All of which you can do, but just looking at her art!) If you want to see more of her break room paintings, go check out her Instagram. Continue reading FREEBIE! Printable Valentines

FREE Activity: Silly Sandwiches

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I always have an eye out for an easy and fun activity for the kiddos. And the internet is chocked full of them. So much so in fact, that any mother’s head could spin! So where do you even start?

Especially in this Pinterest world. Where a single search for “kids activities” brings up a endless page of pins. Each of which, will link you to 100s, if not 1,000s of blogs with even more to offer! Most days, that alone makes me to find a giant cardboard box  and a half deflated birthday balloon and have the kids go to town! (That’s all they ever want to play with anyway, right??) Continue reading FREE Activity: Silly Sandwiches