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Cast Iron Skillet Apple Pie

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Cast Iron Skillet Apple Pie - More at MadeByMeggs(dot)com (4)

I grew up in a house where my mom regularly cooked in cast iron. She has a large “dutch oven” type pot and several skillets. I loved watching her prep and stir on the stove top & then pop it in the oven until dinner time. I even have memories of her “seasoning” the pan after dinner. Which if you don’t know cast iron is a silly thing, you wonder why they are heating and oiling AFTER the meal!

As an adult I inherited one of her skillets & recently purchased a cast iron grill pan. Both of which get used quite frequently. The grill pan I use a lot to sear and bake pork tenderloins (recipe coming soon!). And now, strangely enough, the skillet is my go to pie plate! Continue reading Cast Iron Skillet Apple Pie