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Lunches for the Littles

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School has begun! It’s hard to believe that fall is here and we are quickly flying into October already!! Some of you have been packing lunches like pros already, and I am sure some of you would like some ideas to keep the boxes getting packed!! So I wanted to take a minute to share some great lunch ideas with you. Helpful ideas for those of you  who do pack a lunch (or two or three) every day AND also lots of helpful ideas for those of us still home with our little ones. Along with some great tools to help make lunch fun and easy for everyone… Continue reading Lunches for the Littles


{Review} Meals: Re-Play Style

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{Review} Meals: Re-Play Style - More at MadeByMeggsDOTcom @madebymeggs

Re-Play makes an extensive line of children’s dishware products that will make any parent swoon. So you can imagine my excitement when they selected Made By Meggs to post a review for them! Their feeding products are fun, colorful, and incredibly durable. But, as I discovered, there is SO MUCH MORE behind this company than attractive and affordable dishes. They are very conscious of their environmental impact during production, while also giving parents exactly what they need (and want!) in a toddler feeding product. Continue reading {Review} Meals: Re-Play Style

Sesame Poppy Seed Friendship Dressing

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Sesame Poppy Seed Friendship Dressing - Read More at MadeByMeggsDOTcom (3)

When my kitchen was being renovated last month, I packed up the girls to be out of the house & out of the way. Which isn’t hard when we love running around town on adventures. But I didn’t want to have to pack a bunch of food or eat out the entire time we weren’t at home. So it was a huge blessing when my girlfriend & also a mother of two,  invited us over after our Mommy & Me dance class to play. She then text the sweetest line ever – ‘I’ll make lunch for everyone.’ And I was like ‘What!! Yes, please, you’re amazing, thank you, thank you, thank you.’

I mean you know you lucked out with awesome Mommy friends when they JUST GET IT! Continue reading Sesame Poppy Seed Friendship Dressing

Chicken Soup for the Soul

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IMG_1402editI have never in my life made soup from scratch. And while I like to think that I am pretty decent in the kitchen, I live with a few… let’s say “selective” eaters.  So if I am making a big batch of anything, it needs to be stellar.

Recently, when my girls were getting over a cold (after another cold) Hubbs came home from visiting his parents with a big container of Chicken Noodle Soup. And everyone knows that soup is the best meal, snack, pick-me-up, love spreading food you can share. Plus, it was perfect timing for lunch! So on the stove it went. All that’s left to do is grab some crackers, and the kids. Once all “get everyone to the table” commotion settled, and Hubbs and I finally  took a bite, our eyes lit up. YUM!  Continue reading Chicken Soup for the Soul