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Welcome to Made By Meggs!

I am Meghan, a 30 something year old mother of 3 amazing kiddos. My oldest daughter, E is 9 years old, followed by my middle daughter C is 7 years old, and lastly my son D is 3. I cook, I photograph, I play, I design, I mother, I craft, I write, I test, I try, I try again and then I share it all here! The internet is filled with so many snippets of “perfect lives” and I very much like to keep it real and share what I find and figure out on my own. My real life journey becomes your resource!

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My blog is going on 6 years old(started in February 2015)! And over the years it has evolved into so much more than I thought it would be in that time. And I am thankful to each of my readers for that. Without you I wouldn’t have an audience to share with! Sign up to follow my newest posts {links below} and keep up to date with my newest dinner ideas, crafts with the kids, and my thoughts on motherhood!

And I am always open to suggestions, and collaborations so contact me with your ideas!

xoxo Meggs

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Interested in collaborating? More information is available upon request, inquire at Meggs@MadeByMeggs.com


  1. Hello,

    I am wondering if you have been nominated already for the Liebster Award because if you haven’t I would love to nominate you. It is great for building your blog and increasing your traffic with networking. If you would like more information, I found this post especially helpful:


    I hope to hear back from you soon and hope you have a wonderful day!

    xx, Cheree


    • I haven’t! And would love the honor, thank you for considering me! And I will check out your blog & the article.


  2. Hi Meggs!

    It’s a pleasure to meet you! I’m so happy to have found you… love, love, LOVE your site and social media channels (you actually had me laughing with your laundry Instagram post tonight!)! 🙂

    I’d love to send you some Beemees (my new product) for your girls! I hope you will like our product but, more importantly, I hope that you will love our message! We are all about empowering and inspiring girls to be their very best, confident selves!

    Thanks so much! Hope to hear back from you!

    Sending thanks and smiles,
    Donna Furgal


    • Donna! That is so very sweet of you, we would love that! I have actually been following you for some time, I think I found you through Jill and Jack Kids. Love any company empowering girls to be themselves, in any way possible! I will be sending you an email to confirm details 🙂


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