FREE Activity: Silly Sandwiches


I always have an eye out for an easy and fun activity for the kiddos. And the internet is full of them. So much so in fact, it’s hard to know where to start?


Which brings me to my post. Since I like finding a new activity, every once in a blue moon, for the kids. When I find a good one (like this one!), I will document what we do, and share it with you. Giving you all the info in one spot so you can easily do it yourself.


Today’s kids activity comes from a company called ALEX Toys. I tend to follow a lot of random companies that I stumble across via Facebook and this is one of the best ones. ALEX Toys blog frequently posts really nice and FREE printables for kids. And they seem to appeal to a decent age range. I’d say most kids ages 1 to 5 would enjoy the variety of  printables they have to offer.


I am currently featuring the Silly Sandwich activity. Now, obviously, I took this printable one step further, but remember the beauty of a free printable is you JUST PRINT IT and GO! So by all means DO JUST THAT! But if you want this simple activity to last a bit longer… or better yet travel! (Hello, its paper! So light! So compact!) Then you are going to want to spend a $1 and about a half hour to an hour of your time with me.


Silly Sandwiches

What You Need:

  • 1 Roll Clear Contact Paper
  • Thin Cardboard – think cereal box! (optional)
  • Glue Stick
  • Silly Sandwich
  • 1 Ziploc Gallon Bag


  • You can print how ever many of each page of the activity. I chose to print two slices of bread, and one set of the toppings (sharing works well with two children and one set).
  • The roll of contact paper can be purchased at the Dollar Tree. (18 in x 1.5 yd). Look for it in the kitchen area, it sold as a “shelf liner.” I had a decent amount left over, so even if you print more pages you should have plenty with one roll.
  • For  thin cardboard, think old cereal box, or tag board. I added this as a backing to the bread pieces just to make them a bit more sturdy. You could add it to all, some, or none of the pieces – this is entirely optional.


  1. Cut out all pieces from the activity pages. (I even cut out and saved the title “Silly Sandwich” from the top of the page, to tape on the Ziploc bag. I plan to make a few more of these “busy bags” and like things to be labeled! lol)
  2. Glue any pieces you want to the cardboard, this step is optional.
  3. Clear and clean your work space! The contact paper has a bit of static to it which will attract scrap paper and dog hair (learned this the hard way!).
  4. Unroll the contact paper, use items to weigh edges down as you work. This likes to roll back up on itself.
  5. Cut a section about as wide as a piece of paper (this does not need to be percise) and the entire width of the roll.
  6. Fold your section in half. To create a crease line at the half way mark.
  7. Carefully and slowly peel the backing off of HALF of the strip. Fold the backing over, or tearing it off.
  8. Place pieces (face up or face down it doesn’t matter) all over the sticky side. IMPORTANT! Leave about a 1/2 inch gap between each item to give them a “border” you can cut around. Did you use cardboard? Make the border an entire inch.
  9. Un-peel the rest of the contact paper and carefully fold it over your sandwich pieces. This creates the backing. And seals in your activity pieces. Contact paper MUST touch itself to make this work best.
  10. Make sure that you press it all entirely flat, remove any bubbles.
  11. Repeat steps 4-9 until all pieces are done. Then cut them all out and store in a gallon Ziploc bag.

I know to some of you this whole process may sound ridiculous! But as a teacher (at heart) and self proclaimed froogle lady… Anything that can entertain my kids like this and is pretty much free, is completely worth the time I put in. Plus I did all this while watching tv, so win-win if you ask me!



Like this post? Use the buttons below to share with your friends or print for your kitchen with the PDF link above. Don’t forget to comment and tell me if you tried this out!



  1. The preparation while “watching Scandal” reminded me of all the planning I would do at home and you were always happy to help me cut out all the little ‘build a taco’ or ‘name that shape’ pieces (or whatever else I needed at the time) while watching TV. We would have itty bitty construction pieces all over the place and then corral them into sandwich baggies for my classes the next day. Thank you for all your help over the years and the memories now.


    • HA That is so true! I remember those days fondly as well… the idea of being your teaching assistant was a bonus too 😉


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