5 Hands Off Mother’s Day Ideas for Kids

We are all in a weird place… COVID-19 has kind of hijacked our normal way of life. Schools are closed, work is done at home, simple things can turn out to be a lot to handle. With all of that our regular traditions are on pause. Birthdays are celebrated with drive-by parades. Traditional holidays have started to take on a completely different look… So when I realized that Mother’s Day was going to feel a little bit different this year, I started looking for creative ways that Big E8 and Middle C6 could celebrate Mother’s Day without much help from their teacher, who is also me!

I know we all have Pinterest accounts, but it’s daunting to start there. It’s basically the Google of crafting. Some times you just need a few items to snag with limited time, patience, supplies or all of the above! Which brings me to my list of 5 awesome, simple, no adult needed Mother’s Day crafts for your kids to enjoy.


First up, coloring pages! Great for all ages, take no time at all, and easy for mom to print and walk away for a sweet surprise later.

The blog Life is Sweeter by Design has a great listing of multiple designs.


This great printable is a coloring page, craft, and card all wrapped into one just waiting to explode with love just for mom.

Thanks for the level 10 creativity on this one from The Kitchen Table Classroom.


This one is my favorite. I love when the kids come home from school with questionnaires! The answers are sometimes the sweetest, most hilarious things you will read.

This one from Fun Loving Families also includes is a version for Grandma!


Nothing is more fun than homemade coupons. While they may never get used (or maybe they do in your house!) it’s definitely the thought that really counts.

These filling the blank ones from Happiness is Homemade are great especially for the older kids.


Is mom a reader? These great printable bookmarks are just the thing. They have an “adult coloring” vibe to them. So print out a few and color one yourself for your own mama.

Thanks to the crafty work of Love Paper Crafts for this one.

I hope these help you out or maybe at least make it easier to forward this link on to Dad for ideas! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there. ❤



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