It’s been a while….

Why hello there!

I has been a long year without posting. But I’ve missed it! So I thought I would catch you up on what has been happening in the past year…

We’ve added a baby boy to our family. Little D is 8 months old now and the happiest, smiliest love bug of a baby I’ve ever met. I’ve spent many of my days just snuggling that babe and accomplishing nothing else. And it’s been glorious! They grow up far to quickly for my taste, if you ask me.

Had a great summer with our family of 5 now. Lots of adjusting with 3 kids. And lots of preparing for school. Both Big E and Middle C are in school now. Which makes for a nice morning of quiet snuggles with Little D! Haha

I have begun preparing for Christmas and our elf Buddy has returned. While the next month or so might be busy I’m hoping to ease back into posting more with all of you.

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xoxo Meggs

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