Elf on the Shelf Ideas, part three + a FREE printable


Well get ready, the Elf is back! Some of you have already started this week, but our Elf on the Shelf -Buddy, doesn’t arrive until December 1st… mainly for my sanity! This will be our 3rd year with Buddy and (most of the time) I love the tradition as much as my kids do. And due to my need to organize everything, especially around the busy holiday season, I have you completely covered for Elf Duty this month. Plus this year I’ve made it even easier with a printable calendar filled with the ideas here!

So let’s get to it! Pin this post for later, or save it on your Facebook, where ever you can access it quickly each night! Also, if you want to see what Buddy is going to be up to this year, follow me on Instagram, where I will be posting daily. Also, if you wanted, use these step -by-step Elf Modifications to make your Elf flexible and sticky, just like our Buddy! Lastly, print the free calendar and check out more Elf resources which will all be linked at the end of the post.


Night 1: Buddy Arrives

You can write your own note, or use the the one that you can print out from “registering” your elf with the Elf on the Shelf webpage.  OR you can use any of these ideas.




Night 2: Pick a Chore

Hey chores still need to get done! Get the Elf to help out in the morning with the usually hectic routine!





Night 3: Bath time

Your Elf has traveled such a long way from the North Pole – It’s important that he gets the chance to get squeaky clean!





Night 4: Reading Buddy

Everyone loves to be read to, and these toys are no different! They were enjoying listening to a new voice other than Mommie’s reading them a bedtime story.





Night 5: Chocolate Milk Anyone?

My kids get the treat of chocolate milk on some mornings – Buddy felt today should be that day!





Night 6: Choo Choo

The night before the kids had their Auntie over while Mom & Dad were at a holiday party. Buddy thought it was perfect that the only car was the perfect size for him. All aboard, Choo Choo!




Night 7: Good Kid Reward

Buddy had a great report for Santa that night & thought an encouraging note with some quarters for their piggie banks was a great reward for being good kids all day.





Night 8: Cereal Snacks

Buddy strung their morning cereal snacks on string! The girls loved that they could munch while they cuddled in watching cartoons, Buddy has the best ideas!




Night 9: Truck Trouble

In an effort to help clean up the blocks with his Tonka truck he broke down. He was hoping to be up and running my morning, but the sun came up too quickly and he was stuck for the day. The girls loved pointing the flashlight under for him, and to not touch him.



Night 10: High Climber

This is one of Buddy’s favorite holiday activities – he hopes one year to reach the top and check out all of the holiday cards we hang up there.





Night 11: Stickers!

Just like the girls, Buddy sure does love his stickers. Too bad he couldn’t find the paper last night.





Night 12: Midnight Coloring

After a long trip to see Santa, Buddy found that coloring before bed is a great way to unwind after a long day!





Night 13: They Will NEVER Find Me

Clearly Buddy needs a little help with his hide-and-seek skills. But the girls loved that he was trapped in the glass cabinet all day!




Night 14: Just One More

Thanks to Buddy’s bending modifications, he can create tall towers while hanging from the lamp. Thank goodness because that is a tall one!






Night 15: SANTA!

Santa? You guys know Santa too? I KNOW SANTA!!!!






Night 16: Marshmallows

The perfect meal for any Elf. Buddy fell asleep while grabbing a late snack. They also make a great pillow…





Night 17: Making Friends

You never know where your next friend will show up. Buddy knows that & befriends everyone he sees. Our squirrel nutcracker was not exception!




Night 18: Note of Naughty

Sometimes Buddy’s notes are high praise… other times its a reminder that Santa is listening to every report, every day. Being kind is a big deal in the North Pole.





Night 19: Citrus Fun

Each year we get fresh oranges from our family in Florida – Buddy was reading the card and enjoying one himself.





Night 20: Meal Planning

Buddy knows that Mom works hard to make a meal plan every week – He thought he would help out a bit. Though he doesn’t realize we are not also Elves.





Night 21: Cold Season
Poor Buddy caught the germs that are always around this time of year. Time to rest up to feel better for his next flight to the North Pole.





Night 22: Hot Cocoa Break

Who doesn’t love Hot Cocoa with marshmallows on a chilly morning?






Night 23: Reason for the Season

Even Buddy knows that the real reason for the season is not about presents and Santa. It is about celebrating something much, much more important.





Night 24: Christmas Eve
Buddy would love to stay, but he has to get back to the North Pole. He was happy to be here with the Santa Key to let Santa in! And he always leaves a note for the kids, until next year!





Making things even easier and quick for you… Click below to save or print!
2016 Idea Calendar | BLANK 2016 Calendar

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xoxo Meggs

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