{adding a pumpkin}

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Hi! Well in case you missed my post on Instagram, here it is! We are expecting our third pumpkin in April. The girls are over the MOON about getting a little brother or sister. And we couldn’t be more thrilled ourselves. 

Just to update you, I have been muddling through all the fun of the first trimester of pregnancy without being able to say a word until now! So yes, posts have been slow to nonexistent. I even knew when I posted in August about how I wanted to get more organized — I had high hopes of “pushing through” whatever came my way. But my pregnancy exhaustion was no joke! Add in a toddler, a preschooler, and the never ending household tasking, I clearly was laughing at myself for thinking I could do anything but just get by. Ha!

So here we are at 17 weeks and going strong. I’ve already been feeling the first signs of wiggles & I can’t wait to share “bump” pictures over on my Instagram as the weeks go on here. And I know some of you will ask, we DON’T find out the gender before hand. We only have with E, our oldest, but little C was a surprise… and let me tell you there are SO few things you can TRULY be surprised about as an adult, and this is one of the big ones! I really don’t even try to “cheer” for a team – unless that team is a healthy baby, that one I can cheer for!

So I have lists and notebooks filled with ideas and posts I want to start drafting. And now that I have more of my energy back and able to bring myself to drink coffee in the morning, I will be bringing more fun things to you soon!

Make sure to bookmark the blog, or follow me on your favorite social media page — I will be adding recipes for dinner, kids crafts, more product reviews, as well as NEW ideas for your Elf on the Shelf come December!! I can’t wait!

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