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August 2016

Hello friends! I hope that you have been really enjoying this summer. In Buffalo we have been dealing with a lot of hot days, so we spent a lot of our time in the water! Thanks for hanging around here as I changed my focus for a few months. It was the perfect break I needed to spend the summer better connecting with my kids and my husband. I really want to thank you for understanding, because as much as I missed writing and sharing, it was just the break I needed. I knew in order for me to really appreciate what I do here, I needed to make sure I was doing it the right way.

So, I am working on updating my goals and reasons for blogging, and setting up a timeline of how and when I want to do things. There are so many ways to connect with all of you, though all of the social media outlets. And being able to be part of those takes balance and discipline, two things I struggle with a bit, because I find it all so exciting!! So be prepared to see a bunch of different things from me.

Here is a rough idea of where you can find me and when…

  • I will be posting once a week on the blog. Where you can continue to use past posts as your resource for recipes, kid activities, and product reviews. Feel free to use the search bar (Magnify glass) at the top of the page to search for any topic. I also try to keep my menu drop down lists at the top, as organized as possible. You can also “subscribe” to the blog & receive email updates when a new post is available. (See the box to the right of the page.)
  • As always you can find me posting daily on Instagram. I am also using the “InstaStories” feature (rainbow circles at the top of your IG feed) now, which is much like Snapchat (which I do not really use anymore).
  • I am rekindling my love of Pinterest little by little. And I have been adding new pins there. My boards are very organized over there, so follow only what interests you!
  • Lastly, when the mood strikes I will be posting more on my YouTube channel. Anything from recipes, reviews, shopping hauls, or just real talk… So subscribe there!
  • And all of my blog, Instagram, and YouTube posts will also show up on Twitter, if you prefer that  too!

Lastly, I am hoping to open my Etsy store with a few products at the end of the month. I will be posting about the launch here, with a special gift just for my readers. So follow my store & stay tuned for the details coming soon!

Stay tuned!

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xoxo Meggs

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  1. Wow Meggs, this site is incredible!! Who knew you had so many hidden talents! It’s fun watching all of your ideas unfold!! Keep up the good work Mama!!


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