The Winners are…

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thank you friends and readers of MadeByMeggsDOTcom

My one year blogging anniversary has come and gone, and I could not have done it without the help of 12 wonderful new friends. Because of their generous hearts we were able to make this celebration as fun as it was! So if you haven’t already, go check out these amazing people & see what they are creating…

First a HUGE thank you to my friends…


I would not have been able to celebrate this big without each of you!

Winners of MadeByMeggsDOTcom Blogiversary GiveawayCongratulations to the WINNERS

Be sure to check your email listed & respond ASAP!

{1}      Melissa K.  –  daup*****

{2}      Cassandra E.  –  east******

{3}      Julie B.  –  jmko******

{4}      Bethany T.  – beth***********

{5}      Nikki R.  –  nikk*****

{6}      Natasha H.  –  hone*********

{7}      Heather M.  –  hmil******

{8}     Wendy M.  –  squi*********

{9}     Christina M.M.M.  –  guar*****

{10}   Kellie H.  –  kshe***

{11}    Joni K.  –  thun**********

{12}    Jennifer M.O.K.  –  jenn********

EDIT 2/16: 

Jackie E –    jmt_***
Johanna G. –   jmal*****

If you are listed above, check the email address shown. Each of you will receive a short online survey to complete. This will be how prizes will be distributed and shipped out. So the faster you reply the faster we can get your winnings to you! Any questions or issues email me at

Congratulations again to the winners!!
And thanks to everyone who entered!
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xoxo Meggs

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  1. Jennifer Michelle Ora Kreisler says:

    oops– e-mail computer issues had me out of the loop. saddness. enjoy all who won. <3.


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