My One Year Blogiversary GIVEAWAY!!

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MadeByMeggs-One Year Blogiversary Giveaway

BIG NEWS! My little ol’ blog turns ONE today! And I can not believe where this site has gone in a single year. Many thanks to each and everyone of you who have read my posts, comment on social media, and send general love my way. I started this blog out last year as an outlet for myself, just to share more of what I like and do with others. At the time “others” was my mom and a handful of friends. Today “others” is actually all sorts of WONDERFUL people, that the power of the internet has brought my way. I love all of you, and so grateful for what this year has turned into. And so I am celebrating BIG, and YOU are gonna be the winner! 

When I was thinking of how to celebrate, all I could think of was sharing the love back to my readers. So I started emailing all of my new internet friends (in the middle of holiday craziness!!) and everyone was on board. I was so incredibly humbled to have so many ‘Yes, I’m in!’ return emails. Which means even MORE fun for all of you. So please, take a minute and check out each of my friends below. Share some of that love you have for Made By Meggs with each of them!!

Let’s not forget the best part! Not only did everyone agree to help spread the word and celebrate with me. EACH of my friends has an AMAZING prize that YOU can win! That’s a total of TWELVE prizes for TWELVE lucky readers! So check out their pages & hit up the giveaway at the end of the post!

Buffalove BoutiqueJanine is a pro with a skein of yarn! The types of kids hats she can create and personalize are amazing. Check her gallery of requests on Facebook. She also does adorable ear warmers for mom too! You can message her, if you have a customized idea. She did an amazing job with my Elsa & Anna request for my girls last year.Buffalove Boutique Prize

Carney's Bee GladeJamie just recently took her enormous love for nature & beekeeping to the next level a few months ago. She opened her Etsy store and started selling homemade, natural chapstick & candles. And she is also a friend of mine (another local!) and I am so excited to see her BEEsiness doing so well! Carney's Bee Glade Prize

Cleaning EssentialsIf you missed it check out my review on Mike’s genius design. Mike and his wife Martha are good friends of mine, and they created a super simple way to clean naturally. Using a glass spray bottle with “recipes” for cleaning solutions marked right on the side. I love mine, use it everyday to clean up my kitchen (all day long!). Cleaning Essentials Prize

A Dash of SalterCheree is my very first blogger friend. We share so much in common between motherhood, cooking, and our taste in music. While also having so much to learn from each other… I am a frequent viewer of her hair styling tutorials on YouTube!A Dash of Salter Prize

FunBitesFunBites is a company I discovered via Instagram (my favorite form of social media!). And it’s one of those inventions that any mom would love in their kitchen. A cutter making the task of “bite sized” food a snap to do. Not only quick and easy, but come in a variety of fun shapes too!! Like Minion Goggles, how awesome is that??FunBites Prize

HappieStampsI found Happie Stamps on Etsy when I was looking for personalized rubber name stamps for my girls for Christmas. Having a unique name doesn’t allow you to find many commercial products that are personalized. So I asked Tommie to help me out and not only did she come through, but the quality of her craftsmanship was astounding. (I then ordered 3 more stamps for my nieces & nephew!) And through our conversations back and forth we became fast friends. Check out her store, you will not be disappointed.

HappieStamps Prize

Hello Monday Designs

Kristen and I have been good friends since middle school, we grew up in the same town most of our lives. It has been very fun for me to watch her business grow over the years. And just recently see her rebrand her business just a few months ago, all while planning her wedding! Now newly married and ready to take on the world with her designs. Go check out her store, both digital and canvas work.

Hello Monday Design prize

Jill & Jack Kids

Jen created some great clothing designs to give kids & adults more options outside of the typical pink or blue. I wrote a post when I was first starting out with my blog, on my upbringing and views on gender stereotypes. She and I have been friends since, and even graciously sent my girls a few of her tees. Which I loved so much, I purchased one for myself & then posted my own review of them. And now you get to try one out for yourself! Check out the rest of her shop & all of the options she has in her online store.

Jill & Jack Kids Prize


I love the concept that Melissa created. Pick-Ease are child friendly toothpicks, making meal time not only easy but fun. You can choose from a variety of designs and your kids will enjoy sticking fruits, veggies and other healthy options with their personal Pick-Ease! Check out Pick-Ease on Instagram for meal ideas and Melissa’s life as a mom of two boys!

Pick-Ease Prize


My family loves Re-Play, and there are so many good reasons to love them yourself! They are entirely made in the USA, durable, fun, and reasonably priced! They have the entire rainbow of colors to choose from – in tumblers, divided plates, flat plates, bowls, utensils, snack cups & my favorite the truly NO SPILL sippy cup! They are even available in Walmart & now Target stores. If you want to read more, check out my recent review. And enter to win this Valentine’s Day inspired set!

Replay Prize

Rusterior Designs

Carrie and her family create clothing using the iconic Buffalo design, well known to symbolize our city. While also creating boho chic accessories and kids clothing, check out their unique kiddo leggings! Recently they expanded their designs for all states with the “grown local” tees series. Personalized for any state in the US!Rusterior Designs Prize


SayIt with LoV

Leanne is a busy mom of two young boys, who also runs her own successful Etsy shop in her spare time! She creates handmade, custom banners for any occasion. Personalized and crafted with love, her banners would be the perfect decor for your party. And she made this bright and cheery banner just for one of my lucky readers! The perfect fit in any birthday party & best part you can pack it up and use it again!

SayIt with LoV Prize

Enter the Giveaway!

Now that you have met all of my wonderful and gracious friends, you should enter to win one of these fabulous prizes!

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  • Giveaway only open to US residents only!
  • Giveaway ends Wednesday, February 10th at 11:59pm (winners will be announced & emailed the following day.)
  • All winners & their prizes will be selected at random.
  • You only need to complete all 12 entries once to have a chance at winning!
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xoxo Meggs

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