{Review} Meals: Re-Play Style

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{Review} Meals: Re-Play Style - More at MadeByMeggsDOTcom @madebymeggs

Re-Play makes an extensive line of children’s dishware products that will make any parent swoon. So you can imagine my excitement when they selected Made By Meggs to post a review for them! Their feeding products are fun, colorful, and incredibly durable. But, as I discovered, there is SO MUCH MORE behind this company than attractive and affordable dishes. They are very conscious of their environmental impact during production, while also giving parents exactly what they need (and want!) in a toddler feeding product.

I won’t lie, I had randomly discovered Re-Play products at Walmart years ago. Back when I was searching for “the perfect first sippy cup” for E when she was a baby. And I am now, 3 years later, kicking myself that I didn’t buy the Re-Play No-Spill. I mean they ALL claim to be no spill, who can you trust! (Psst you can test one cup out for yourself with their “No-Spill Challenge” — purchase one Aqua cup for $4 shipped, and then YOU decide!)

In the mean time let me fill you in, with behind the scenes facts and a personal hands on review. Plus, stick around and enter the Re-Play giveaway EXCLUSIVELY for my readers!

The 5 Main Principles behind Re-Play

Even before you have the chance to USE any of the Re-Play products, there are so many reason to LOVE them. Re-Play strives to maintain 5 main principles that all of us, especially parents, can appreciate.

  • SUSTAINABILITY   Re-Play uses HDPE plastic (mostly milk jugs) that you and I recycle each week to create their products. Even down to the recycled paperboard & anti-plastic tied packaging, they have the total environmental impact in mind. Plus, they are made entirely IN THE USA! Re-Play products only travel a total 940 miles from recycling plant to packaging. Which drastically reduces their carbon foot print, since all operations are close together in the south-eastern area of the US. (Where as plastic goods from China travel a whopping 12,000 miles!) Not to mention all the energy they are saving by using materials we are “tossing away” anyway. Win-win!!
  • SAFETY  All plastic is specially selected & cleaned, to meet FDA strict purity standards. Re-Play even goes a step further by having their finished products tested by a third-party to ensure all FDA requirements for food contact were met. Which is yet another way to set all new parents mind at ease. I know for me, as soon as you have kids, suddenly you notice how dangerous things are, everywhere you turn. No worries here though because Re-Play takes all the guess work out of it.
  • DURABILITY This is where I learned something new. These plates are so thick and durable that you could run a divided plate over with your car without causing any damage! Crazy!! What that amounts to in “real life” is that these plates last, which is especially important to families of multiple children. This is one kids item you don’t need to buy multiple times. The colors do not fade and are top-rack dishwasher safe. In person, I often describe these plates as “cafeteria” worthy but WAY more fun! Since they have the thickness and quality that a school would look for to last for YEARS.
  • FUNCTIONALITY These products are designed with the early eaters in mind. Making the entire process and milestones of “self feeding” easier and more successful. HOORAY!! Plus their patented No-Spill Valve really is “No-Spill” and I am a stickler on this one (read my review on this cup below!).
  • AFFORDABILITY Re-Play not only saves the planet but also your wallet. You won’t be shelling out loads of  cash on full sets of these products. A 2 pack of divided plates is only $5.99, making them only $3 each or a set of 2 No-Spill cups with lids each start at $7.99 ($3.99 per cup), which is pretty reasonable for the durability & quality you are getting out of them. And check out the Back-to-School, crayon box inspired collection right now on their webpage, snag a full rainbow as your first set.

—> Click here to watch a video on the entire process from milk jug to Re-Play product. <—

My Review

{Review} Meals: Re-Play Style - More at MadeByMeggsDOTcom @madebymeggsDivided Plates With my overly organized personality, I have always loved divider plates but these seriously take the cake. My main reason for loving the dividers, as a parent, is that they remind me to create a balanced meal for each of my kids. By using each section for something different, you force yourself out of the “same-old, same-old” lunches (see some of my favorite Re-Play inspired meals, at the end of this review). Bonus each of the sections on this plate are deep and almost bowl like. So you can fill those bad boys with just about anything, and it’s staying in there.

{Review} Meals: Re-Play Style - More at MadeByMeggsDOTcom @madebymeggsSpoons & Forks These are great for small hands. Both of my toddlers love using these for any meal or snack. And I can’t seem to wash them fast enough, before they snatch up their favorite color again! The spoons are perfect for small veggies, such as peas and corn. Since the scoop is deep, nothing rolls away and removes the struggle to eat veggies. The handles are wide but comfortable for the smallest hands. Another reason these are a win in my book, you can create a complete matching place setting. Making it easy for both of my girls “set the table” with their own dishes.

{Review} Meals: Re-Play Style - More at MadeByMeggsDOTcom @madebymeggsNo-Spill Cup 
I opted to try the “sippy cup” tops on these cups. (They also carry open top cups.) Specifically because the month before these arrived at my house I was in a messy battle. You know the one. It’s the battle you have with the ‘morning-post cartoons-MILK sippy cup’. Where you discover it hours later wedged between the couch cushions, UPSIDE DOWN. And upon removing it you realize it has slowly emptied itself into a vast crevice, which you have no hope of actually getting clean. So when these arrived I laughed (my evil mommie laugh) and said “yes my sweet, you are realllyyyy going to be put to the ultimate test in this house. BWAHAHAHA!” But low & behold, I am now biting my tongue. Because the only instance in which I, a grown woman, can make these cups leak… is by VERY vigorously shaking it, upside down. And even then it’s a measly few drops. Also they are easy to drink out of, though I believe the “flow” is slower for a toddler, but my kids are bothered (we’ve gone through many cups that are ridiculously hard to drink out of). My girls love the colors and the size is perfect for their little hands. And I love that my living room is no longer a milk swamp!

Double-Dog-Dare-You!! If you don’t believe me, I dare you to take Re-Play’s No-Spill Challenge and try it out for yourself! ($4 for an aqua no-spill, shipping is FREE!)

Re-Play Inspired Meal Ideas

{Review} Meals: Re-Play Style - More at MadeByMeggsDOTcom @madebymeggs

{Click image to view larger}

Top Row
1) Lunch: PBJ sandwiches, fresh picked garden peas, and strawberry, banana, raspberry fruit salad.
2) Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and banana.
3) Lunch: Turkey/Salami sandwiches, hummus with peppers and cucumbers, and blackberries and strawberries.

Bottom Row
1) Lunch: Salami and cheese, Honey Maid Star Wars grahams, and Muller yogurt.
2) Lunch: Turkey and cheese sandwiches, strawberries and pineapple, and cucumbers with veggie dip. (And yes I am using the blue plate! Wouldn’t you?)
3) Dinner: “Monster Stromboli” (recipe coming soon!), peas, and marinara dipping sauce.


Re-Play is sponsoring an exclusive giveaway just for my readers! Enter via the “Giveaway” tab on the Made By Meggs Facebook Page by clicking the image below.
Good Luck!

{Review} Meals: Re-Play Style - More at MadeByMeggsDOTcom @madebymeggs

{Review} Meals: Re-Play Style - More at MadeByMeggsDOTcom @madebymeggs

If you like what you see here make sure to check out the Re-Play webpage & online store, as well as their FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest pages.  Personally I LOVE their Pinterest page – they have a great collection of ideas for parents & kids a like.

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    • I was looking at them yesterday and they have a very bright yellow and a neon green too! So many to choose from!


  1. I love the turquoise, great for a little boy and happens to be MY favorite color : )


  2. I like them all!!!!! Lol. Fave is probably the one pictured fir the giveaway though 😉


  3. They have such awesome products and colors. I love the Kelley green!


  4. I love bright colors! The orange looks great


  5. I love the turqoise! One of my favorite colors and looks great on these pieces.


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