{August} Celebrating Six Months of Blogging

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Six Month Blogiversary at MadeByMeggsDOTcom

Today marks 6 months since I posted my first Made By Meggs post. And I wanted to say thank you to my readers. I never expected this much of a response from sharing with all of you online. The concept of this blog, has been a brain child of mine for a few years now. I just wasn’t sure if I would have the time, or the motivation, to keep something like this going. YOU have changed my mind entirely in just 6 short months. From your comments, likes, and messages… and especially when you try out a recipe or idea… it all gives me that boost to bring more content to you! 

So happy anniversary to you, I hope that we can grow more together in the next 6 months and see where an entire YEAR will take this little project of mine! I am always open for ideas and suggestions so if there is something you have pinned or heard about, and would like me to try, send it my way!

Feels like perfect timing that I would be celebrating this anniversary at the beginning of the month, to coincide with my monthly goals post. So here are my goals for August… and don’t forget to comment or share what you what for yourself this month!

Write more. I think this is going to be a goal every month. It’s the one thing I struggle with, never finding enough time to get my thoughts typed up.

Simplify. My house, my agenda, my daily life. Less is more is the attitude I want to have for this coming year. Our small house is busting at the seams with extra stuff. I’m hoping to go room by room and wittle it all down. (Spring cleaning a bit early!)

Organize editorial calendar. Where I plot and plan what to post next, it’s a scribble mess! Along with my daily personal planner! This is the time of year I purchase a new planner and start fresh, so I’m hoping to gain my thought process back with a bit of “housekeeping” with my calendars.

Watch my snacking.  Before fall baking season kicks off for me, I’d like to get back on track! And all these cute, yummy kids snacks are not helping! haha

Work out meal plans. So many ideas and so little time! I want to plan my shopping and recipes better so meal planning is quick and painless. (And then of course share all of that with you!)

Budget.  With the end of summer, comes the thoughts of fall and holiday planning. As with most young families, the holiday budget is always tight! I am hoping to be proactive this year by creating a budget and starting my shopping incredibly early!

What are you aspiring for this month? How are you hoping to better yourself, your business, your life? What do you want to see change between now and September? Share in the comments below! And thank you for being a reader!

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xoxo Meggs

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