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2015 Kitchen

Hi friends! I haven’t posted as much as I would’ve liked the past few weeks. I find that even with all of today’s modern and mobile technology, I still enjoy working on my desktop, at my desk. Call me old school! And I haven’t be able to get to my desk, or my house, or my kitchen in a while. You see this past weekend in particular was crazy, because my kitchen was torn apart and then very nicely put back together.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw a glimpse of what was going on. We had dark wood paneling (half removed in the first photo), faux wood counter top, yellow-brown flooring, green gingham curtains, & a poorly chosen yellow paint from our last attempt to update. Yea, it was a hot mess. And while we wanted all of the updates, we didn’t even know where to start.

Long story short, with a friend’s help and direction, he and Hubbs did in the course of 3 days what should’ve taken months (bless them for only kicking me out for a few days!). It was incredible, the final product is amazing. And I am just stunned! We still have final touches to complete but I love it already, it’s like a totally new room!

Kids at the Creek

So since then I haven’t posted much. I tend to write on the weekends, when I can easily sneak up to my office a bit more. And with last weekend’s renovations & long nights and this weekend being Memorial Day… The forecasting of blog posting in the near future is low! The good news is that I have TONS on the to do list for the upcoming months. Including several reviews of new products I am testing & companies I have been connecting with. Check out the awesome people and products at Jill & Jack Kids, Xlear, NoGii, and Cleaning Essentials.

Since starting this blog only a few short months ago, I have been overwhelmed with support and interest. From reader’s comments, to fellow blogger community support, and now brands wanting to be featured. It’s an honor and incredibly exciting, I am so thankful to be sharing with all of you! Please stay connected on all social media to keep up with all things Made By Meggs, click links below!

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xoxo Meggs

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  1. LOVE the gray of your kitchen! I tried to paint our office gray, but the paint was actually blue even though it looked gray on the tin!! I completely relate to liking working on my desktop – I just can’t convert to mobile and tablet, I like sitting at my computer and getting my work done!


  2. I love the updates in your kitchen! I am dying to remodel in the next few years. We’ll sell our house eventually, and I want it to look amazing!


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