{May} Sunshine, Dandelions, & Motivation!

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Goals for May 2015 - More at MadeByMeggs(dot)com

So it’s May, the sun has been shining all morning, the warmer weather is in the air… and I am feeling a bit more motivated than usual. So I wanted to share some my goals for this month. Both personal & blog related. I have spotted this idea from various blogs I read, but more specifically my friend Hello Monday Design, did this a while back. Plus publically marking down my goals, it just sparks something for me, so I have to share!

Keeping yourself on track and motivated is one of the things I struggle with. Sure my head is full of ideas that keep me up at night, pondering. It’s the lack of action or time to complete that I never get to. So each month I will be featuring  a post for my goals. Hopefully you will feel motivated to join me. I strongly believe that once you “put it out there” for people to see, you begin to feel more accountable.

Find time to write on a weekly basis. I have noticed in the past few weeks or so that if I spend just one day writing I can fill up a week’s worth of posts for all of you. And thanks to the wonderful world of technology, I can spend one afternoon at my computer & then schedule my posts to automatically post later. Which is the perfect way to connect with you, without missing out on spending time with my family.

Unplug daily, from 10 am to 2 pm. This is prime play time with my kiddos. Post morning craziness and pre-double nap time. If I focus all of my energy on them during this time I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything when the rest of the day goes nutty! And we all know the morning and evenings are the hardest part of the day!

Find more blogging friends & resources. I am still super new at the blogging scene. There are so many fantastic mommy bloggers out there that have come before me. I want to find them, learn what they have learned. Make this blogging work for me at my family in the best possible way. Of course, keeping in mind that  this all takes time, so baby steps!

Walk daily & drink more water. I am a huge advocate for staying active and being healthy. I am not always the perfect example, but I am a realistic one. Once the weather is a bit more predictable (which should be soon!) all of us will want & need the routine of going for a walk. Not only do I need it to stay fit but our dog, Toby, needs to get his time everyday too! Plus you can never drink enough water in my opinion!

Start sharing my 365 project, this summer. I haven’t talked much about it yet but this project is HUGE and the original thought that brought about this blog. When planning meals for my family I was running into the same issues everyone has. I can’t think ahead. I make the same things all the time. I don’t know what to try. I think I’m failing at planning each week. So, over a year ago I started logging what I made for dinner each night. Really it was for myself, but as I shared with a few friends it started to take off. And here we are, I want this to become your meal planning resource! More coming soon on this I promise!

Be IN more photographs with my girls. The Sprout Channel is one of our favorites in our house. And they started a #MomIsHere campaign reminding moms to get IN the photo with their kids. We all work so hard to make the memories and then capture the memories for our children. Forgetting entirely that WE are PART of that memory. Your children aren’t going to look back at photos of you and say “Wow Mom, Yoga pants & no make up again?”. They are going to notice the smile on your face & the love that they feel. Or they will notice that you just aren’t there in the photos. So join me & share your #MomIsHere photos!

2 Goals for May 2015 - More at MadeByMeggs(dot)com

Well there you have it. Just a few things I want to keep in mind as I move along this month. I don’t know about you guys but once mid-April hits, my calendar starts filling up. I call it “pre-summer” everything snags a weekend date and gets planned out. So this month will fly by I am sure! Share your goals in the comments below or on social media!

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xoxo Meggs

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  1. Motivation has been my nemesis lately. With starting a new job that has a wacky schedule blogging and anything else but sleep/eating/showering has taken a back seat. Then at night I think of all the things I should have done and it’s a vicious cycle. All that to say, thanks for sharing this! I needed to be reminded of some of those tips.


    • Oh I hear you! I know I have a “super woman” complex. I think I can do everything, everyday… And it’s just not possible. And that’s ok!! Good luck with your new job!


    • Thank you for reading! I love to see other bloggers goals, i’ll keep an eye out for your’s 😉


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