Easy, Healthy Homemade Guacamole

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Easy Healthy Gucamole - More at MadeByMeggs(dot)com (3)

Lately Hubbs has been asking for guacamole for a late night snack. Any chance I have to keep my family snacking healthy I take it! So instead of purchasing prepackaged guacamole, I buy avocados in bulk!

Within a few weeks of tries we found the easiest and most simple recipe to be the tastiest! Can’t go wrong with easy, simple, and healthy… You don’t even have to tell your family that guacamole is a bunch of veggies, it certainly doesn’t taste like it.

Easy Healthy Gucamole - More at MadeByMeggs(dot)com (2)

Original Recipe: Eating Well

Easy, Healthy Homemade Guacamole

Prep: 5 mins   |   Chill: 10-15 mins   |   Total: 20 minutes   |  4 servings  |   60 calories (+chips)


1 avocado
1-2 Tbsp minced onion
1/4 tsp cilantro
2 Tbsp prepared salsa
Tortilla chips

  1. Cut avocado in half, length wise. Stab pit with knife (use the cutting edge, not the tip) and twist to remove.
  2. Scoop out avocado out of the skin with a spoon.
  3. Mash avocado with spoon or fork.
  4. Mix in onion and cilantro.
  5. If you plan to eat it right away, add in salsa, if not hold off and mix it in right before serving.
  6. Serve chilled with tortilla chips.

Easy Healthy Gucamole - More at MadeByMeggs(dot)com (1)Easy, Healthy Homemade Gucamole

  • Usually this is eaten right away in our house.  After mixing it all together, we let it chill for 10-15 minutes before eating.
  • We dip in Tostito’s Lime flavored tortilla chips and use Wegman’s Garlic & Lime salsa.

Perfect snack for a late night that isn’t heavy on the guilt! Packed full of veggies and a that salty crunch of chips — try swapping this in for your snack. Or double and triple the recipe for a perfect, quick party snack.

Love this? Tried it? Share your meal photos on my Facebook page, tag them on Instagram & Twitter with #MadeByMeggs or even comment below! I’d love to see what you enjoy! Don’t forget to check out more of what inspires me on Pinterest. xoxo Meggs

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  1. indian social korner says:

    This looks delish! I’m always looking for ideas in a quick and healthy snack. Great idea 🙂


  2. I cannot wait to try this!!! I think I’m going to make this for every get together I attend!


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