What makes a recipe VIP?

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You have probably noted that I mention “VIP” in some of my past posts. This is a tag I put on my recipes. Or rather Hubbs does. Early on in my “cooking experience” Hubbs started labeling certain meals VIP. I am sure, at first, this was a joke. Actually I was so sure that I didn’t really make any note of it (so dumb!). What Hubbs was doing was giving me his “Particular Eater’s Stamp of Approval” and this was going to be essential to my future cooking success.

After a few mentions of this ridiculous “VIP” status, I started to make write a note. If you take a peek at my any of my recipes or cookbooks, you will see tons of notes. Each time I make something I mark everything I do that strays, even the slightest bit, from what is written. If Hubbs happens to makes any comment, I make a note (“missing something,” “I bet this would be great with rice on the side,” etc…). He usually mentions “I like this,” “VIP,” or “Make this one again” when it was a hit, so those recipes it get the BIG, VIP in the corner (which is easily spotted when fanning through a book!).

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This way I know, when I am searching for something “tried and true,” I can reach for one of our VIP marked recipes. I consider these “my best meals” and once they are VIPed I do not change a single thing about them. Makes it easy to replicate recipes that my family is pretty much guaranteed to enjoy. And what cook doesn’t want that??

So I suggest that you start writing on your recipes, if you don’t already. Keep notes, even if you don’t have a picky husband or kids, or even if it’s just you. One day someone may ask you for “your recipe” and you might want to make sure you have that version you just made ready for them. Think even of when you pass them down to someone too. I would consider (as most of you probably do too) that a handwritten, tried and true recipe from my grandparents a true treasure! Especially in this world of “Googling” for a dinner recipe! (which I am totally guilty of!) Nothing compares to knowing that what you are about to make is a no-fail, winner-winner-chicken-dinner!

What makes a recipe VIP - More at MadeByMeggs(dot)com (2)
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