Let’s all be a little bit ‘Princess Awesome’


I have never seen anything like this before & frankly, that’s a shame… We all see hundreds of posts when we check Facebook. People sharing everything and anything with their online friends. There is so much going on that I often can’t be bothered to read it all because most of it seems like junk. Last week didn’t seem any different, when I spotted a sponsored post on my feed. {Eye Roll} News Flash Facebook, no one likes sponsored posts, and I scroll on. Then something told me to scroll back…

I re-read the headline… “Moms Launch Stereotype Bashing Clothing Line That Challenges What It Means to Be ‘Girly’.” I immediately clicked it open. I was astounded. What these mothers are doing is insanely perfect. Handmade dresses for girls, with THEIR designs on the fabric. Dinosaurs, science, race cars, space, tractors, pirates, trains! All I kept thinking was, “Where do I get one… I want it now!” Just my luck they are totally sold out (back them on Kickstarter, to preorder)! My next thought is, this is beyond AWESOME, that there ARE girls out there who WANT this! Better yet there are PARENTS out there willing to back this! And just like they say in their Kickstarter video, there IS demand for this but NO supply!

Which got me thinking, why is that? slide_401940_4981490_free

Why is it that society and every “big business,” DOES NOT understood by now (in the year 2015) that there is a demand. Why are we still only (mostly?) marketing the “pretty pink princess covered in glitter” vibe… with out rounding it out with EVERYTHING else that makes a girl who she is?  The exact same, concept can apply for boys, even children in general. But gender stereotyping, specifically with girls, strikes home hard for me.

Maybe its how I was raised, that I am wired to think like this. I grew up in a household were it was just my sister and I. Two girls, that’s it, no brothers… no close boy cousins, really just us for the most part. And you know what I remember best from my childhood? Catching tadpoles in the “moat” with my “muck-a-luck” boots on. Building towers with old beat up wooden blocks, or our crazy giant box of KINEX. Getting dirty and not caring. Sure there were Barbies, and dress up, with tea parties and dolls in my childhood home. But they weren’t the only things my sister and I were interested in! My parents made a point to give us endless opportunities to be exposed to everything. Not just what was “for girls.”

And you know what, to this day, I wholeheartedly embrace that side of myself. I will tell you that my favorite colors are pink and purple, glitter is awesome (especially gold), and a dress I can twirl in makes my day. And then I will proceed to stomp off to the nearest puddle to jump in it (depending on my footwear, because really, some part of me IS an adult!).


Not all companies have stereotype blinders on. I mean have you seen the recent Always’ campaign, called “Like a Girl” yet? If you haven’t you MUST see it. Go! Right now… click HERE — I will wait. Wow right? I mean WOOOW… Or have you seen GoldieBlox and their commercials or their building kits? I want to hug these people! They are genius! Girls NEED to see this, PEOPLE need to see this. I want this to be completely mainstream for my girls. You aren’t weird because you aren’t “girly.” You are YOU and that is all you should want to be…

I mean how is it that we, as a society, have been doing it WRONG for so long? Why hasn’t someone shown us the light yet? If the need to change is there, why are we not doing more about it? I think the issue is just as much about parents as it is kids. We are the ones who choose what they are exposed to. What they engage in. Especially at this age (my girls are under 3 years old). There is no right or wrong here, but at this age, if you are willing, they are willing!


Even before my girls were born I was geared up my own mindset. I didn’t want to find myself down the pink glitter rabbit hole. Because, DARN IT, those tiny baby clothes are so cute!! So I pushed to avoid pink, its here, but its not on everything. Often if I am given the choice between pink and the boy/gender neutral color, I take the later. I want to be able to show them everything, just like I had. And thankfully Hubbs is exactly the same. He frequently is the one reminding me all of the different things the girls can do, and what else we can expose them too. And boy does it make us proud when they jump right in, no questions asked. Cause really, what do they know? My girls would only know that cars, trucks, and trains are “for boys” only if I tell them. So shhhh don’t tell them!


I know that if I were to hear “oh, that’s for boys” a huge part of me takes it as a challenge… Because you know what, I know there IS a girl out there that will like it too. Maybe no one has seen her try it yet because she does feel like she is allowed too. And only because she was born is a girl… that is just silly.

So get out there. Seek out new experiences. Expose your children to everything. Step outside your own box. Move into a new comfort zone and don’t be afraid. Learning something new, or trying something new, WITH your children is not a bad thing. Neither is a girl who likes trains or a boy who plays with dolls. Embrace it.

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