FREEBIE! Printable Valentines

HMD front

My friend Kristen, over at Hello Monday Design creates some of the most beautiful watercolor art I’ve seen. And lately she has been sharing more and more of it. About two weeks ago she started, breaking to paint at lunch. Which I think is a brilliant! Having a creative outlet has always been the perfect way for me to de-stress, stay focused, and be positive. (All of which you can do, but just looking at her art!) If you want to see more of her break room paintings, go check out her Instagram.

HMD cards

Kristen puts her elegant touch on all of her projects, from fine arts to graphic design. Everything has this romantic and airy look, whisking you away to somewhere beautiful. You can see the range of her talents on her website and blog. While you are clicking all the links to sneak peeks at Kristen’s work, make sure to follow her pages. Because often she will treat her blog readers and Facebook followers to a gorgeously designed free printable or desktop download. And this week she did BOTH! By sharing six (yes SIX!), stunning Valentine’s Day cards. Each with a matching desktop wallpaper download!

HMD Desktop

Think of anyone you love… Anyone who has really been there for you, let them know you love them with one of these cards! Ready to print right now!

Enjoy this FREEBIE printable, found at her Hello Monday Design blog, HERE. Please also make sure to share some Made By Meggs love with her… Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and support her work by purchasing more at her online store. Make sure to snap a pic and share it… use the hashtag #HelloMondayFreebie and say thanks to Kristen

PS I ALWAYS welcome comments, ideas, & sharing YOUR stories with me! So please comment here or connect with me on social media!

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