Introductions: The First Post

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February 1, 2015

Welcome to my blog, my newest adventure… While I know a lot of my “first fans” are going to most likely be my friends and family (hi guys!). I want to take a minute to introduce myself anyway 🙂

I have arrived here for many reasons, but mainly because I feel that others may need this as much as I do. Let me explain by sharing a few fast facts about me… Currently I am a Stay-at-Home Mom of two adorable daughters (E now 3 years old & C almost 1 1/2 years). I have a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. My first love is teaching and my second is photography. Being creative is like breathing for me. And each of these parts of myself have taken me in all sorts of directions over the past few years…

While I was finishing my Master’s Degree, I started to share recipes and meals on a blog (it didn’t go very far). It was my way of sharing my life and helping out my friends with meal ideas. Plus I loved the blog for the writing aspect. When my oldest daughter was a few months old, and I was really finding joy in being a SAHM (Stay-at-Home-Mom). To have the opportunity to be the one there for my daughter, to never miss a moment, means everything to me. What it also did, was allow me to venture out of my comfort zone, challenge myself & pursue anything I wanted. So my first big step was to jump into photography more than I ever have before.

After my second daughter was born, just last year, I started thinking of all the creative things I love to do. This is where all of my roads began to get twisted together. At several points the thoughts and ideas in my own brain just became too overwhelming for me. I would find myself asking… I really love ALL of these things, how in the world can I do them all (or worse pick just one!) and still be the full time mommie I needed and wanted to be. How can I do this for me & also everything else for my family?

Soon after the idea behind Made by Meggs was created. One blog, multipurpose. I don’t have to pick just one thing, its just all of me! Having a place to share recipe ideas, offer ideas to do with the kids, laugh about the mishaps… Life never goes according to our plan, and neither will this blog. Every post is real life at its finest.

I hope you join me as I share everything I have. And I hope you find some of my journey to be useful for your life.

xoxo Meggs

PS I will ALWAYS welcome comments, ideas, & sharing YOUR stories with me! So please comment here or connect with me on any social media below!

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  1. Love your ideas Meg!! You are very inspirational. And I know I’ll benefit from the easy meal ideas too lol


  2. Looking forward to following this blog and the ideas that you have!


  3. Your site looks great! Such cool ideas…and I CERTAINLY need all the help I can get in the meal-planning department. 🙂 Excited for the full implementation of the 365 project!


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